School of Science and Technology

Collins Nganou

Research Associate

Albert Collins Nganou Assonkeng is a research associate in nanomaterial in the Department of Chemistry at СƵ. He received his PhD in Physics from the Technical University Berlin in Germany, in 2012. From 2013 � 2015 he was a research associate fellow at the University of Rochester New York, in USA. During this time, he worked on DNA dimerization and modelling forcefield. In 2016 -2017, he was at the СƵ working on artificial photosynthesis device for solar cell application and reactive nanomaterial application. His current research at the СƵ is directed towards the development and analysis of reactive nanomaterials that enable waste heat electrochemistry for hydrogen production; photocatalytic application, bacterial remediation, and surface enhance Raman spectroscopy for sensor application.


Reactive nanomaterial for water splitting and photocatalyst,