Bridging Borders and Communities: Meet Leslie Fu

Leslie Fu’s journey from China to 小猪视频 has been a transformative one, thanks to the Master of Business Administration in Community Economic Development program.

Leslie made her decision to join 小猪视频during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the importance of community economic development became more important than ever. Her choice was influenced not only by CBU’s unique MBA program but also by the natural beauty of Cape Breton, which offered a serene backdrop for her academic pursuits.

鈥淲hat makes 小猪视频truly exceptional for international students is the emphasis on community-oriented courses,鈥 says Leslie. 鈥淭hese courses facilitate a better understanding of local communities and their economic dynamics, and help students like me integrate effectively into them. The small class sizes at 小猪视频have also been instrumental in fostering close relationships with professors.鈥

Leslie says the professionalism, patience and helpfulness of MBA faculty, notably Professor Dr. Jasmine Alam, has played a pivotal role in her journey. From Strategic Management to Fundamentals of Venture Analysis and beyond, Dr. Alam’s guidance left a positive mark on Leslie’s academic experience. 鈥淒r. Jasmine Alam鈥檚 support, timely responses and valuable insights were critical to my studies and MBA Applied Research Project,鈥 she adds.

For Leslie, the 小猪视频journey has not just been about academics; it’s a multicultural experience that extends beyond the classroom. CBU鈥檚 diverse campus introduced Leslie to numerous cultures, fostering her active participation in several committees and societies like the Lunar New Year celebration committee. She didn’t stop there; Leslie also initiated the CSR Business Society, aimed at promoting Corporate Social Responsibility among students, creating connections with local businesses, non-profit organizations and the broader community.

During her time at CBU, Leslie has been heavily involved in the community both on and off campus. She has worked with game day committees during sporting events, led a fundraising event that raised more than $2,000 to support a Green Household Energy Project competition in Halifax, served as a Week of Welcome leader, welcoming new students to 小猪视频and helping them fall in love with our campus and worked at the , assisting students in developing their business plans.聽

Leslie’s journey at 小猪视频has left her with cherished memories, particularly the classes and professors. 鈥淲ith a cumulative average of 90, the knowledge I鈥檝e gained at 小猪视频has become invaluable in my current role, which revolves around community development,鈥 she says. 鈥溞≈硎悠礽s a great choice for anyone seeking a transformative academic experience.鈥

As Leslie prepares to graduate, she expresses profound gratitude to her family, friends, professors and classmates whose unwavering support has played an important role in her academic achievements. Now, she has embarked on a fulfilling career at RISE Results business services in Sydney, where she uses her CBU-acquired knowledge to support the local community, with a particular focus on Indigenous communities.

Leslie’s story is a testament to the transformative power of education and the lasting impact of a 小猪视频experience. Congratulations, Leslie!