Daniel Clarke: Carrying on the Tradition of Champions

Tending the goal for the 小猪视频Capers at the upcoming 2023 Protocase USPORTS Men’s Soccer Championship will be Daniel Clarke. Originally from Milton Keynes, England, Daniel is entering his third year of a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at 小猪视频and is known for his unyielding determination and stellar skills in the net. With an intense weekend ahead, Daniel is ready to leaving a lasting impact on the national stage.

It was the Capers鈥 history of success that led Daniel to take notice of the team, and the opportunity to compete at such a high level soon had the young goalkeeper making his way to Cape Breton for the first time. 鈥淭he school’s continuous success in competing with top-tier teams across the country was an important part of my decision,鈥 says Daniel. 鈥淗owever, it was the heart-to-heart conversation with Coach Deano that sealed the deal.鈥

Thanks to the work of Head Coach Deano Morley, Assistant Coach Scott Clark and Goalkeeper Coach Vernon O鈥橯uinn, the culture within the Capers men鈥檚 soccer program is professional and close-knit and allows players to bond with one another and relying on their coaches for issues both on and off the field. 鈥淢y relationship with my teammates is next to none,鈥 says Daniel. 鈥淚 truly feel like I鈥檝e made some special bonds and I have made some friends for life. We do everything together and I feel like that鈥檚 what separates us from other teams.鈥

Reflecting on his time as a Caper, Daniel says one of his best memories was clinching his first AUS Championship. The exhilarating victory shared with his friends and coaches remains etched in his memory as a defining moment in his journey. During his time on and off the field, Daniel has also received unwavering support from his family.

鈥淭he unconditional support they always show me is beyond anything I could ever repay them for,鈥 he says. 鈥淭he countless hours they have spent taking me wherever I needed to be. They have all truly just been my rock whenever I have needed them and I genuinely can鈥檛 thank them enough.鈥

The journey of a student-athlete comes with its share of challenges, especially with the frequent travel required for games. But through effective communication with professors, athletes like Daniel are able to thrive in the supportive academic environment at CBU. The professors’ understanding and accommodation for the demands of a student-athlete life significantly contributes to the success and synergy between studies and soccer at CBU.

The biggest challenge faced by Daniel during his time on the team happened fairly recently. A tough loss during the AUS Final was hard for the whole team to overcome, but the Capers are ready to put it behind them and push toward their next goal. 鈥淲e were not only gutted for ourselves but the community as well,鈥 says Daniel. 鈥淲e are using that loss as motivation to help push to new limits and we are going give our all at Nationals.鈥

With the USPORTS Championship on the horizon, Daniel and his fellow Capers are gearing up to battle in front of their hometown supporters. The Cape Breton Island community鈥檚 involvement during the game is pivotal to the team鈥檚 success. Daniel asks that fans show up in numbers and cheer loudly during the games.

鈥淵our support and cheers really help us all on the field,鈥 he says. 鈥淚f you鈥檙e there cheering us on, I can guarantee you鈥檒l see a 小猪视频Men鈥檚 Soccer team that will not quit and will give their all until the final whistle. Your support means everything.鈥

For those eager to support the Capers at the 2023 Protocase USPORTS Men’s Soccer Championship, head down to the Ness Timmons Soccer Field on November, 9 at 4:00pm. Join the excitement as the best university teams in Canada fight for the title from November 9 to 12.

For more information, including ticket prices, visit cbu.ca/usports.