Centre of Excellence for Healthy Aging

The Centre of Excellence for Healthy Aging (CEHA) at 小猪视频 is dedicated to programs and research that translates into improved care for older adults in rural Nova Scotia.听 Helping people age in health, in dignity, and in their own communities and homes is a key part of听 supporting the rich diversity in culture, geography, language and heritage across Cape Breton Island and rural Nova Scotia. It involves older adults, community leaders, family and friends, care givers, healthcare professionals, and students, and spans the breadth of lifestyle, access to healthcare, diet, social engagement, and more.听 Learn how we work with faculty, students, healthcare workers, community leaders, partner organizations, and of course the people who are living and aging in rural Nova Scotia to continue to support vibrant, healthy, diverse communities.

About CEHA

In December 2021, Research Nova Scotia (RNS), in collaboration with the Department of Health and Wellness and Nova Scotia Health, provided $700,000 to fund CBU鈥檚 Centre of Excellence for Healthy Aging in honour of听. Dr. Rockwood, a Halifax doctor, educator and researcher is a world leader in the study of frailty and dementia. He was听 which recognizes the best work carried out anywhere in the world that has enhanced quality of life for older people. Read more about CEHA here.

Contact Us

To get in touch on how you can get involved in our current projects, explore collaborations and funding opportunities, or to learn about aging related supports in your community, contact us atCEHA@cbu.ca.


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In 2021, Carol Zeyona Thomas was living in India considering how she could further her education in the field of…

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May 25, 2022

CBU鈥檚 Dr. Bishakha Mazumdar wasn鈥檛 surprised at Statistics Canada鈥檚 job vacancy numbers presented in its 2021 report. The report identified…

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