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Ta’n wejitaiek, a’tukwaqnminal, elmi’ knikminen.

50 Years

小猪视频鈥檚 50th Anniversary celebration as an independent post-secondary institution with an autonomous Board of Governors begins in January 2024. Join us in celebrating our golden anniversary through exciting events, activities and special projects throughout the year.

Whether you graduated from one of our predecessor institutions, in CBU鈥檚 early years or are part of the 小猪视频community today, we look forward to you joining us for this year-long celebration of remarkable milestones, shared memories and stories.

Our Story

Our roots grew from humble beginnings, a story of dedication and perseverance. The College of Cape Breton including Xavier Junior College, Xavier College, the Nova Scotia Eastern Institute of Technology and the University College of Cape Breton set the stage for the 小猪视频we know and love today.

Over the past 50 years, our story has continued to develop and grow. It is our people, our cultures and our strong sense of community that make 小猪视频 what it is today. As we head into our 50th Anniversary in 2024, we鈥檙e looking to highlight even more 小猪视频stories. So whether your story is from 1974 or 2023, we want to hear from you. If you have a story to share from the past 50 years, please share your recommendations or submit your story for consideration.


If you have questions about the celebration or want to be part of the planning, please contact 50anniversary@cbu.ca.

The History of CBU


From our humble beginnings as Xavier Junior College to our 23 years as UCCB, follow along on our journey to becoming 小猪视频.

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50th News & Stories

Echoes of Evolution of 50 Years: Meet Bernie MacLennan

January 17, 2024

In 2024, 小猪视频 proudly celebrates its 50th anniversary as an independent post-secondary institution. We are proud that students…

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A Throwback: 小猪视频Capers Unveil Retro Jerseys for 50th Anniversary

January 10, 2024

As 小猪视频 heads into its 50th anniversary year, the 小猪视频Capers have taken a nostalgic stride with the…

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