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Bachelor of Social Work

Address Social & Systemic Inequities in Today鈥檚 Changing World聽 小猪视频鈥檚 Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program is designed to prepare the next generation of social workers with practice-ready skills to address social and systemic inequities. In response to pressing socio-economic crises and healthcare challenges, the BSW program uses…

Bachelor of Arts Community Studies

Get to the core of community. Students from around the world come to 小猪视频to partake in a participatory and experiential curriculum. This enables students to engage with their communities and familiarize themselves with a workplace environment.

Gaelic Foundations: Living Cultures at Beinn Mh脿bu

Immerse Yourself in the Heart of a Gaelic Community 小猪视频 and Colaisde na G脿idhlig | the Gaelic College have partnered to offer a broad-based interdisciplinary Gaelic Foundations Program for students looking to gain a deeper understanding of the history, literature, music and dance of Gaelic culture of Nova…

Bachelor of Arts

Study diverse perspectives, ideas and traditions. Plot a course from here that can take you anywhere you want to go. With a BA from CBU, you鈥檒l have an exciting, contemporary and challenging opportunity to learn about the world around you. By gaining the knowledge, leadership skills and critical thinking required to succeed in the real world, students adapt a cross-cultural perspective that鈥檚 truly unique to 小猪视频.

MBA in Community Economic Development

Develop stronger economic ties. This MBA offers a leading edge curriculum that includes all business subjects found in traditional MBA programs, with an emphasis on economic development, leadership, governance and management of change.

Diploma in Government Management

Help organizations move forward. The special skills you learn at 小猪视频in the Diploma in Government Management program can take you in any direction. The knowledge you gain here will help you excel in managing people, processes and policies in various industries to help you build the solid foundation you need for the real world.

Bachelor of Arts and Science in Environment

Create a sustainable future. Help contribute to a future we can all be proud of with a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Environment (BASE). This is CBU鈥檚 first fully interdisciplinary degree, taking advantage of the natural resources available among the breathtaking scenery on Cape Breton Island. The BASE program reflects a university-wide commitment to teaching and research in environment and sustainability, and is enriched by Indigenous perspectives.


Explore society and culture. Special collaborations happen here at 小猪视频 between students and faculty from completely different backgrounds, cultures and societies through courses that are reflective of the diverse world in which we live. Students who graduate from 小猪视频do so with the confidence and flexibility they need to have an edge in the job market or find success in continued graduate studies.


Understand thought and behaviour. Psychology courses at 小猪视频emphasize the genetic, physiological, sensory, cognitive, personality-based and social structures that mediate behaviour and mental processes.


Navigate the complexities of thought. Philosophy at 小猪视频helps you create a customized compass for navigating the intellectual, ethical and emotional complexities of life. Engaging philosophically with the world around you can provide a sense of overall direction which is essential for personal, social and professional growth.

Sounding your success. Build your skills for a solid foundation in music and carve your own path, wherever the tempo takes you. Our BACS music major is the only undergraduate program in Canada to focus on traditional and tradition-based popular music, with particular emphasis on Cape Breton鈥檚 rich music traditions.

Mi鈥檏maq Studies

Immerse yourself in mi鈥檏maq tradition. The rich culture and long history of the Mi鈥檏maq thrives today on Cape Breton Island and at CBU. From the ancient Mi鈥檏maw language to modern Mi鈥檏maw current events, you鈥檒l become immersed in a program that focuses on teaching the true ways of Canada鈥檚 First Nations people.


Calculate a future for success. As a language of logic used by scientists and philosophers alike, the valuable skills developed in a math degree at 小猪视频can take you anywhere. You just have to follow the numbers. From graphic design, to environmental engineering, astrophysics and business, you鈥檒l learn sophisticated mathematical models for use in the real world.

Sport and Physical Activity Leadership

Become a leader in sport. With the winds of inspiration blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean, you naturally get the energy you need to excel at anything you put your mind to. Our inspiring environment and relaxed atmosphere attracts students from more than 40 countries to live, work and play on the island we鈥檙e proud to call home.

Political Science

See the world in a new way. Students from across the global and political spectrum come to 小猪视频 for a chance to make a real impact in the world around them. When you study political science at CBU, you learn from more than books. You鈥檙e learning from a rich environment shaped by local, national and global politics.

Religious Studies

Study the impact of religion today. With a wide range of students coming to study at 小猪视频from around the world, we pride ourselves on being an open and accepting learning environment. You already know religion can be found everywhere. In film, music, television, politics and more, religion is often at the centre of identity exploration, global issues and cultural conflict. But there is still so much more to discover here at CBU.

Take history into the future. Home to faculty who are award-winning teachers and cutting-edge researchers, the history program at 小猪视频offers a unique perspective on this intriguing field of study. Our approachable and experienced faculty facilitate the study of history by teaching students to think about the past and the present in equal parts.

Gender and Women鈥檚 Studies

Explore identity and experience. Our minor in Gender and Women鈥檚 Studies gives students the opportunity to study a full range of human experiences and arrangements of social organization. We offer a comprehensive curriculum to help process the issues we face as a society, which can provide lessons needed for life in a modern, multicultural and diversified culture.


Guide Gaelic culture into the future. There is no better place to study Gaelic culture in North America than on Cape Breton Island. With so much proud Gaelic history rooted deep in our lands and imprinted along our shores, students come to 小猪视频from around the world for this unique program.

Dive deeper into the french language. French is spoken on every continent by millions of people, and is a major asset in business, institutional, professional and day-to-day communications. That鈥檚 why our French minor or concentration offers language courses from basic to advanced levels, as well as courses in French literature, culture and linguistics.


Explore cultures and traditions. Learn practical skills in interviewing, fieldwork, and ethnographic research while also gaining an awareness of international heritage policy. Folklore鈥檚 interdisciplinary nature promotes sharing concerns, methods and insights with others. Through this group learning dynamic, folklore students acquire skills and knowledge that are applicable in a wide range of careers.

Become an expert on the impact of english. The English language is central to the way billions of people work, play, think and relate to one another. The English program at 小猪视频teaches you to become an expert user of the language, understanding the history and applications in all its linguistically splendid detail and nuance.


Make communication the key to your success. Clear and creative communication is critically important for safe, stable communities and workplaces. That鈥檚 why we鈥檙e proud to say 小猪视频 offers the only communication major in the Maritimes. The theories and skills learned in our program are essential for successful careers, healthy relationships and the development of a deep understanding of communication and its functions in society.

Celtic Culture

Give new life to an ancient culture. Off the shores of Scotland, Ireland and England, Celtic culture thrives in Nova Scotia. And Cape Breton Island represents everything this province has to offer. Situated on an incredible landscape and coastline, Cape Breton is home to warm, friendly people with a tradition of hard work, respect and commitment to community.

Applied Theatre

Play to A universal audience. Throughout Cape Breton culture, you鈥檒l find music, dance, theatre and the arts all around you. At CBU, we collaborate and take the stage together to engage with our community through a positive, creative medium.


Immerse yourself in humanity. If you鈥檙e looking for a place to study the most interesting aspects of life, you have certainly found it. Cape Breton is teeming with as much opportunity to learn about how humans live as anywhere in the world. At CBU, the study of anthropology is a natural fit in a natural wonderland.

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