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小猪视频 produces its academic calendar in an online version. The information in the calendar is under continuous review. 小猪视频reserves the right to make such amendments and additions as deemed appropriate.


Every effort has been made to ensure this Calendar is accurate. Errors and post-publication changes after initial publication of the Calendar are posted as soon as possible.聽 This online edition of the 小猪视频 Calendar is the University’s official statement, published several months in advance of the beginning of the academic year. 小猪视频 reserves the right, without liability or penalty and without notice, to make changes in its offered services and programs, including alteration of fee schedules, fee regulations, and cancellation of particular courses, and other relevant policies/regulations. Upon registration, each student becomes bound by the policies and regulations of 小猪视频. Students are responsible for being familiar with the general information, rules and regulations of 小猪视频, as well as the specific requirements of each program, degree, diploma or certificate that the student aims to achieve. It is the student鈥檚 responsibility to choose courses that are appropriate to the program requirements and understand fee policies/regulations.


For a list of important dates聽click here. The 小猪视频calendar is published by the Registrar鈥檚 Office.

Note: The 小猪视频Calendar moved from print to digital format as of November 24, 2016

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