We All Share the Success of CBU

If you鈥檝e truly experienced the community surrounding and supporting 小猪视频, you would agree there is no community quite like it. There is no community more welcoming, ripe for discovery, or more driven by innovation. It鈥檚 truly our pleasure to welcome you to the diverse, thriving campus of CBU.

小猪视频is a vibrant place where we champion the Island鈥檚 prosperity and establish key relationships between our university and our community. Being involved, contributing partners in Cape Breton is integral to our success.

Our campus is a space for all community members to share. We welcome you to explore what we have to offer, from the Boardmore Playhouse, to the Art Gallery, to the Beaton Institute. We also have a new Student Welcome Centre in the Great Hall that is a perfect first stop on your next visit.

小猪视频is an exciting hub for cultural activity, research and collaboration. Join us for unforgettable events, community programming and much more.



Our Student-Faculty Interaction

Ranks Well Above National Average


My 小猪视频Story: Lindsay Marshall

May 16, 2024

Coming from the community of Potlotek, Unama鈥檏i (Cape Breton), Lindsay Marshall will be crossing the 小猪视频stage this week as…

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My 小猪视频Story: Lenayah Ryan

May 14, 2024

Soon to be 小猪视频graduate, Lenayah Ryan, will be crossing the stage at this week鈥檚 convocation ceremony, but it won鈥檛…

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My 小猪视频Story: Edmund and Jaylyn Morris

May 14, 2024

Growing up, sharing with your siblings can be tough, but for upcoming 小猪视频graduates, Edmund and Jaylyn Morris, sharing their…

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My 小猪视频Story: Alexandra Whyte

May 10, 2024

Alexandra Whyte’s journey at 小猪视频 is a testament to her resilience, passion and deep-rooted connections. Born in China…

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