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Supply Chain Management

Help the world operate with precision. When you consider the means for an entire island to operate, you quickly get a sense of the importance of a reliable and efficient supply chain.

Human Resources

Impact the success of any organization. The study of human resources (HR) helps us understand why people are so important to the success of business operations. A strong HR department is critical to an organization鈥檚 effectiveness and success. This means getting to know the functions of the people within an organization where everyone benefits.


Give any business the marketing edge. Every business depends on key marketing decisions, from branding to advertising, to help drive revenue and increase market share. At 小猪视频, we provide a comprehensive approach using modern facilities and approachable faculty who have real experience in the marketing world.


Thrive in the financial world. When it comes to the prosperity of a business, nothing is more important than a solid financial foundation. Finance is a body of concepts, principles and theories dealing with making strategic investment acquisitions, and identifying where the firm will get the long-term capital to finance the strategic investments.


Leverage the global economy. As a social science concerned with the efficient use of resources in production, exchange and consumption, students from dozens of countries arrive here to gain a better understanding of how local and global economies thrive.


Learn the language of business. On a world-famous island such as Cape Breton, our economy works when smart financial decisions are made that impact lives every day. That鈥檚 why we take extra care to dedicate ourselves to excellence in accounting that meets the IFRS global standard in accounting business.

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