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Understand thought and behaviour. Psychology courses at 小猪视频emphasize the genetic, physiological, sensory, cognitive, personality-based and social structures that mediate behaviour and mental processes.


Calculate a future for success. As a language of logic used by scientists and philosophers alike, the valuable skills developed in a math degree at 小猪视频can take you anywhere. You just have to follow the numbers. From graphic design, to environmental engineering, astrophysics and business, you鈥檒l learn sophisticated mathematical models for use in the real world.


Gain a new perspective. Chemistry is the study of matter — anything that has mass and occupies space. Everything you touch, hold, smell or taste involves chemistry and chemicals. So, when you step onto Cape Breton Island and look into our waters, across our landscapes and throughout our communities, you鈥檒l discover a natural sense of opportunity and wonder that opens your path to success.


Explore the diversity of life. There鈥檚 an instant connection that鈥檚 made between the study of biology and living on Cape Breton Island. In this incredibly bio-diverse region on the coast of Atlantic Canada, we鈥檙e constantly reminded that we鈥檙e all part of nature.

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