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Commitment to Health

小猪视频 is committed to championing the Island鈥檚 prosperity by bolstering the overall health and development of Cape Breton Island. The School of Nursing is at the heart of this commitment, helping to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare system in Cape Breton and across the Province of Nova Scotia through innovative research and teaching.

CBU鈥檚 connection with the Eastern Zone of Nova Scotia Health creates diverse practice-learning opportunities for students specifically in rural, urban and Indigenous health specialties.

Degrees & Programs

Equal Opportunity for Underrepresented Groups聽

小猪视频 and the School of Nursing understand African Nova Scotian and L鈥檔u Indigenous students have unique needs that often go unmet and are not candidly discussed. In an effort to close these gaps and relieve any barriers these students may face, 10 nursing seats for African Nova Scotian students (ANS) and 10 seats for L鈥檔u Indigenous students have been designated to help enhance the diversity of our healthcare workforce.聽

Note: Students must meet all program requirements to gain admission into the nursing program.聽

Approval of ongoing funding to support 小猪视频to improve the recruitment and retention of African Nova Scotian and L鈥檔u Indigenous students into the BScN program, and more broadly into the sciences is a targeted action to help address the historic underrepresentation of African Nova Scotian and L鈥檔u Indigenous students in nursing programs and enhance diversity in the nursing workforce.聽

For more information about the admissions process for African Nova Scotian and L鈥檔u Indigenous students including supports and resources available, please contact:

  • Reann Arsenault, Student Development Officer, Program Coordinator Working with Nova Scotia Youth,


小猪视频鈥檚 Bachelor of Science, Nursing (BScN) received its seven year accreditation from the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing, as well as accreditation from Nova Scotia College of Nurses.

Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing Accreditation involves the objective assessment of professional education programs against national standards of excellence, and 小猪视频 BScN program has met these rigorous national standards, a testimony to the public of the quality of CBU鈥檚 BScN program.

Dean, School of Nursing

Dr. Kimberley Lamarche is the first Dean of CBU鈥檚 School of Nursing. As a nurse practitioner, educator and researcher, Dr. Lamarche has held many impressive roles in the nursing field. Dr. Lamarche graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) from the University of Ottawa in 1996 and began her career as a Registered Nurse in Cape Breton prior to joining the Canadian Forces. Since then, in addition to her strategic regulatory roles she has held various roles in clinical practice within the military and primary care as a Nurse Practitioner, and within academic and clinical leadership at the rank of full professor. In addition to her BScN, Dr. Lamarche is bilingual and holds an Emergency/Critical Care Diploma (Red River College), an Advanced Graduate Diploma (Nurse Practitioner) and a Master of Health Studies degree (Athabasca University). Dr. Lamarche also completed a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree with a concentration in Clinical Leadership from Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio.