Honorary Degree Recipients

Every year, by awarding honorary degrees, 小猪视频acknowledges amazing individuals who work tirelessly to positively impact the world around them. Not only are the honorary degrees a powerful way of welcoming new individuals to the 小猪视频 family and to say thank you鈥攖hey serve as an inspiration for current students to strive for greatness!

小猪视频has been awarding honorary degrees since 1989, and during that time, we鈥檝e welcomed some pretty incredible people into the alumni family!



Cape Breton Highlander Special Convocation聽








July 2015 (Special Convocation)






May 2013

  • Andrew Lynk, Sydney, NS (Letters)
  • Gordon Francis Sampson, Nashville, TE, and Big Pond, NS (Letters)

October 2012

  • Vishy Karri, Safat, Kuwait (Letters)
  • Wanda Eloise Robson, North Sydney, NS (Letters)

October 2012 (Special Convocation)

  • Eveline (Dunbar) MacLeod, Baddeck, NS (Letters)

May 2012

  • Lowell Murray, Margaree, NS (Letters)

October 2011

  • James D. Irving, Saint John, NB (Letters)
  • Lloyd MacDonald, Ironville, NS (Laws)
  • Teresa Sarah MacNeil, Johnstown, NS (Letters)

July 2011 (Special Convocation)

  • Allister (Al) MacNeil, Calgary, AB and Big Pond, NS (Laws)

May 2011

  • Joella Lynne Foulds, Boularderie, NS (Letters)
  • Joseph A. Schwarcz, Montreal, QC (Letters)

October 2010

  • Margaret T. Gillis, S.C., New Waterford, NS (Laws)
  • Linden Joseph MacIntyre, Toronto, ON (Letters)
  • Ronald Daniel Stewart, Halifax, NS (Laws)

October 2010 (Special Convocation)

  • The Right Honourable Beverley M. McLachlin, P.C., Ottawa, ON (Laws)
  • June 2010 (Special Convocation)
  • Chief Terrance J. Paul, Membertou, NS (Laws)

May 2010

  • Brian Llewellyn Evans, Calgary, AB (Letters)
  • Clotilda Adessa Coward Douglas Yakimchuk, Sydney, NS (Laws)

October 2009

  • Patrick J. Bates, Sydney, NS (Laws)
  • Murdena M. and Albert D. Marshall, Eskasoni, NS (Letters)
  • A Anne McLellan, Edmonton, AB (Laws)

May 2009

  • Professor Robert J. Cormack, Inverness, Scotland (Letters)
  • Nelson Eddie Davis, Glace Bay, NS (Laws)
  • Mary Catherine (Kay) MacDonald, New Waterford, NS (Letters)

October 2008

  • Purdy Crawford, Toronto, ON (Laws)
  • Vincent James MacLean, East Bay, NS (Letters)
  • John Rankin MacSween, Ironville, NS (Letters)

May 2008

  • Beatrice Patricia LeBlanc, Sydney, NS (Laws)
  • Dr. Kenneth Mann, Halifax, NS (Letters)

November 2007

  • Silver Donald Cameron, Halifax and D鈥橢scousse, NS (Letters)
  • Dr. Mohan Kaul, London, England (Letters)
  • Kevin Gordon Lynch, Ottawa, ON (Laws)
  • Claire M. Morris, Ottawa, ON (Laws)

May 2007

  • Lillian Eva (Quan) Dyck, Ottawa, ON (Letters)
  • John Thomas McLennan, Mahone Bay, NS (Laws)

Fall 2006

  • Magdy Elkady, Cairo, Egypt (Laws)
  • Mary Ellen GooGoo, Membertou, NS (Letters)
  • Janice Gross Stein, Toronto, ON (Letters)
  • Joseph Norman James Nearing, Vancouver, BC (Letters)
  • George Unsworth, Sydney, NS (Laws)

October 2006 (Special Convocation, Judique)

  • Hugh A. Buddy MacMaster, Judique, NS (Letters)

May 2006

  • Chief Edgar Alexander MacLeod, Sydney, NS (Laws)
  • Mr. John Malcom, Sydney, NS (Laws)
  • Dr. Susan Richardson, Athens, Georgia, USA (Letters)

August 2005

  • Stephen Henry Lewis, Toronto, ON (Laws)

May 2005

  • The Honourable Myra A. Freeman, Halifax, NS (Laws)
  • Dr. Dimitri Kanevsky, Ossining, NY (Laws)
  • Mr. Hugh Tweedie, Sydney, NS (Laws)

May 2004

  • Dr. John Tyler Bonner, Princeton, NJ (Letters)
  • Mr. Arthur Frances Fitzgerald, St. Louis, MO (Laws)

April 2004 (Presidents Installation)

  • Sister Dorothy Moore, Sydney, NS (Laws)
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice George Yates, ON (Laws)

May 2003

  • Father Paul Abbass, Frenchvale, NS (Laws)
  • Hon. Flora MacDonald, Ottawa, ON (Laws)
  • Irwin Simon, NY (Laws)
  • Jack Yazer, Sydney, NS (Laws)

May 2002

  • General Rom茅o Dallaire, ON (Laws)
  • Arthur DeFehr, MB (Laws)
  • Ron Joyce, AB (Laws)
  • Tom Kent, ON (Laws) (deceased)
  • Johnny Miles, ON (Laws) (deceased 2003)
  • Matt Minglewood, Glace Bay, NS (Letters)

May 2001

  • Hon. C. Denne Burchell, East Bay, NS (Laws) (deceased)
  • Shauna Doolan, Sydney, NS (Letters)
  • Hector Jacques, Halifax, NS (Laws)
  • Marion MacKinnon, Marion Bridge, NS (Laws) (deceased)
  • Sheelagh Whittaker, Austrialia (Laws)

May 2000

  • Matthew Fox 鈥 California (Letters)
  • John (Jack) Hartery 鈥 Port Hawkesbury, NS (Laws) (deceased 2001)
  • Marguerite MacDougall 鈥 Glace Bay NS (Letters) (deceased)
  • Helen Maksagak 鈥 Iqaluit, NU(Laws) (deceased)
  • Men of the Deeps Choir 鈥 Industrial CB, NS (Letters)
  • James O. St.Clair 鈥 Mull River, NS (Letters)

May 1999

  • Prof. George Bain 鈥 Ireland (Laws)
  • Ron Caplan 鈥 Sydney, NS (Letters)
  • John Crosbie 鈥 Newfoundland (Laws)
  • Alex Denny 鈥 Eskasoni, NS (Laws) (deceased)
  • Arthur Bruce McDonald 鈥 Ontario (Laws)
  • Norris Nathanson 鈥 Sydney, NS (Laws)
  • Hilary Weston 鈥 Ontario (Laws)

May 1998

  • John Allan Cameron 鈥 Ontario (Letters) (Deceased, 2006)
  • John & Jeanne Eyking 鈥 Boularderie, NS (Laws)
  • Mavis Gallant 鈥 France (Letters)
  • Joan Harriss 鈥 Sydney, NS (Letters) 鈥 (deceased May 2001)
  • Lynton Ronald Wilson 鈥 Ontario (Laws)

September 1997 (Special)

  • Mr. David C. Dingwall 鈥 Ottawa/Sydney, NS (Laws)
  • Mr. Joseph Shannon 鈥 Port Hawkesbury, NS (Laws)

May 1997

  • Mr. Leon Dubinsky 鈥 Englishtown, NS (Letters)
  • Ms. Rita Joe 鈥 Eskasoni, NS (Letters) (Deceased, March 2007)
  • Mr. Allan J. MacEachen 鈥 Ottawa/Inverness (Laws)
  • Mr. Allister MacGillivray 鈥 Marion Bridge, NS (Letters)
  • Mr. Scott Macmillan 鈥 Halifax, NS (Letters)
  • Mr. William R. McNeil, II 鈥 Ontario (Letters) (deceased 2003?)

May 1996

  • Mr. Reuben Abramowsky 鈥 Montreal, Quebec (Letters)
  • Mrs. Mae Cameron 鈥 Sydney, NS (Letters) (deceased 2005)
  • Mr. Archie Neil Chisholm 鈥 Margaree, NS(Letters ) 鈥 (deceased 1997)
  • Mr. Farley Mowat 鈥 Ontario/River Bourgeois, NS聽 (Letters)
  • Dr. Joseph Roach 鈥 New Waterford, NS (Laws) (deceased 2005) May 1995
  • Dr. Winnie Chafe 鈥 Glace Bay, NS (Letters)
  • Mr. William H. Marsh 鈥 New Waterford, NS (Laws)
  • Mr. Lawrence Paul, Sr. 鈥 Membertou, NS (Laws) (deceased)
  • Mr. Daniel Petrie 鈥撀 California/Glace Bay, NS (Letters) (deceased 2004)


  • Ms. Rita MacNeil 鈥 Big Pond, NS
  • Mr. Frank Stronach 鈥 Ontario (Laws)
  • Dr. Okechukwu Ikejiani 鈥 Glace Bay, NS


  • Dr. Daniel S. Nathanson 鈥 New Waterford, NS (deceased 1997)
  • Dr. John C. O鈥橠onnell 鈥 Antigonish, NS



  • Dr. Alistair MacLeod 鈥 Ontario
  • Sister Rita Clare 鈥 Sydney, NS


  • Dr. Donald Fergusson 鈥 Halifax, NS (deceased)
  • Dr. George Springate 鈥 Quebec
  • Dr. Marion Mathieson 鈥 Sydney, NS (deceased)


  • Dr. Richard Goldbloom 鈥 Halifax, NS
  • Dr. George MacEachern 鈥 Sydney, NS (deceased)
  • Dr. M.A. MacLellan 鈥 Sydney, NS (deceased)