Barb Glassey

Associate Professor, Biology

Dr. Barb Glassey teaches Cell and Molecular Biology, Ornithology, Animal Behaviour, Introduction to Vertebrates and Behavioural Ecology. Barb has been working in wetlands (marshes) as a researcher in Cape Breton and Manitoba, and has an inherent interest in the health of wetland ecosystems. Her research focuses on the interaction between thermal physiology and behaviour to assess how marsh nesting blackbirds birds cope with immediate and long-term weather variability, and to answer questions about intra-brood competition and evolutionary trade-offs made by parent birds and offspring. She has applied her experience as a scientific researcher with active interests in art to finding intersections and connections between the arts and sciences, exploring the emerging field of interdisciplinary art-science research and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education, with the broad goal of communicating art through science and science through art.