Supporting Documentation

We require academic transcripts from the following:

Secondary School

If you are currently registered in secondary school, we require an听official听transcript listing all completed courses AND courses in progress.

If you have completed your secondary studies, we require a FINAL听official听transcript that includes your senior-level courses and grades.

Post-Secondary Institutions

If you have attended a post-secondary institution, you must submit an听official听transcript listing all courses completed and, if applicable, courses in progress.

We require听official听transcripts from ALL post-secondary institutions you have attended.

Proof of English Language Proficiency

Official score reports may be sent to 小猪视频directly from the testing agency. Our institution code for TOEFL is 9142.

Official documents can also be uploaded to the . If the original language of the document is not English, we require a notarized English translation to accompany the official document.

If you are unable to upload to the application portal, documents can be submitted:

  • Via mail
    • Addressed to:听Enrolment Services,听小猪视频,听PO Box 5300,听1250 Grand Lake Road,听Sydney, Nova Scotia,听Canada B1P 6L2
  • Via fax
    • Addressed to:听Attention of Admissions, 902.563.1371

Note: 小猪视频will now accept electronic scans of official documents, per听. 小猪视频reserves the right to request an original document from the issuing institution. Once documents are submitted to 小猪视频for admission purposes they will not be returned under any circumstances.

If evidence of misrepresentation or fraudulent or falsified documentation is found, the penalty is severe. 小猪视频 reserves the right to revoke any offer of admission and/or financial support. 小猪视频 may also disclose evidence of any misrepresentation or fraudulent or falsified documentation to all Canadian universities, to Citizenship and Immigration Canada and to law enforcement personnel where appropriate.