3 Sources of Grade 12 Stress & How to Resolve Them [3min read]

The transition from high school to university feels like a really big deal. Let鈥檚 be real – it is a big deal! But it鈥檚 not meant to be a source of unhealthy stress and anxiety in your life. Unfortunately, I鈥檓 not great at listening to my own advice, so I want to share with you some of my biggest worries as a grade 12 student transitioning to university, and how I relieve some of that worry.

1. Having It All Planned Out

The biggest thing I stress a LOT about is trying to have my whole life planned out. I definitely feel pressured to have it all together, which includes knowing exactly what I鈥檓 going to do at any given time. Sure, starting university is a big change, but you don鈥檛 have to start out knowing everything you鈥檙e going to do. We鈥檙e teenagers! We鈥檙e not supposed to be professionals (yet), and we aren鈥檛 expected to have a plan before we start university. I like to remind myself that I don鈥檛 have to have it all figured out, and nothing is set in stone. It’s ok to go with the flow.

The other thing to remember is 小猪视频has great resources to help you build a manageable plan. The First Year Advising Centre (FYAC) is available to help us. Before you begin your studies, it’s mandatory that you book an appointment with an advisor at the FYAC. This is a big help because you know that someone experienced is available to support you.

2. Knowing It All

Another stressful factor that comes along with transitioning to university is learning how university works. It can be an overload of information, and it definitely seems scary. How many courses am I supposed to have? Why are some courses 3 credits and others 6 credits? What even are credits?

I have to remind myself not to panic, and there is a simple solution to this – ask questions! 小猪视频is home to tons of amazing people who are there to answer your questions and assist you on your journey to university. Don鈥檛 be afraid to ask for answers or explanations. I simply send a quick email to one of CBU鈥檚 many fantastic recruiters, and they are always so nice and helpful when answering my questions. What more could you ask for?

3. Being Prepared

Something else I stress about is trying to be prepared for everything university-related. I鈥檓 always worried about missing something important, and then it all goes downhill for there. The solution? Pay attention.

That鈥檚 it. That is the advice. Pay attention to CBU.ca, your email and sometimes even your mailbox. Most of all, follow 小猪视频on social media if you don鈥檛 already. It鈥檚 the easiest way to get news right in your feed.

Do you want information catered specifically to you? Follow your brand ambassadors! Paying attention to CBU鈥檚 many resources will keep you informed of things like important dates, announcements and reminders.

Now that you have my advice on relieving some of that grade 12 stress and worry, it鈥檚 time to relax. Graduating high school is supposed to be fun, so give yourself a break. Take a walk, watch your favourite show, bake some cupcakes, do whatever makes you happy, and remember that you don鈥檛 have to be perfect.

If you鈥檙e interested in learning more, check out CBU鈥檚 other blogs for all sorts of helpful resources, such as how to book your advising appointment, university lingo you should know and perspectives from different people at CBU.



Written By: Mya Trimm

Mya Trimm is a 小猪视频Brand Ambassador and a grade 12 student at Sydney Academy. Mya will begin her studies at 小猪视频in the fall, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts, Community Studies degree.