5 Steps to Prepare for an Academic Advising Appointment [3min read]

Learning everything about your program of study and the courses required can be a lot to take in, but academic advising can really help you when you are a new 小猪视频student. Academic advising is where you meet with an advisor and walk-through requirements for your program while discussing any questions you have. This year, appointments are being held virtually due to the pandemic. Some appointments are virtual meetings but most are by email. Once your advising appointment is booked and, all you have to do is read the email from your advisor and prepare yourself to learn more during your appointment. Here are five steps to prepare for your academic advising appointment in advance:

  1. Navigate your new Compass Student Account
    Once your appointment is booked, log into your Compass Student Account again and get familiar with the layout. This is where you will be corresponding with your advisor during the appointment or getting the code for a virtual meeting. This is also a great time to set up your notifications for important emails about classes, important dates, or news from CBU.
  2. Read the whole pre-advising email
    Before your appointment you will receive an email with all the information on what to expect. Read. it. all. This is the step I would stress the most. The entire email must be read. It may seem long, but everything mentioned in this email is important and really helps with planning for success in your first year.
  3. Make a list of the courses you need and want to take (yes, there is a difference)
    Once you have read the whole email 馃檭 , jot down the required courses, which are also outlined by program in the Academic Calendar, then choose the electives you are interested in. To learn more about each course before the advising appointment, check the , located within your Compass Student Account or CBU.ca.
  4. Plan a schedule
    Make a rough draft of your schedule. This may be the trickiest part- trying to make sure courses aren鈥檛 at the same time or a day isn鈥檛 too busy to handle. You鈥檒l thank yourself, because having a pre-set schedule will come in handy when it鈥檚 time to register for your courses. It鈥檚 also good to know if everything you need fits in a rough draft so you can then ask your advisor for advice if you need alternative options.
  5. Make a list with of your questions
    This is one of the most important parts. Meeting with your advisor is all about asking questions. So, before your appointment but after you follow the first four steps above, make a list of any questions that come up while preparing for your meeting. As many people would say, there are no stupid questions and CBU鈥檚 advisors are available to answer all your questions the best way they can!

These are the 5 steps to prepare for academic advising and make your appointment as easy as can be. The steps don鈥檛 just help with making your appointment easier, they help registration go smoothly too.

If you have questions after your appointment, do not hesitate to reach out to your advisor for help. There are many resources online as well, like or the YouTube channel with many videos!

Now that you know how to prepare for academic advising, book your appointment at .



Written By: Alyssa Burke

Alyssa Burke is a 小猪视频Brand Ambassador and a grade 12 student at Riverview High School. Alyssa will begin her studies at 小猪视频in the fall, pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree.