Articulation Agreements

小猪视频 has many articulation and transfer agreements with various partner institutions and organizations across Canada and internationally. This supports students in gaining credit toward a degree or diploma at 小猪视频.

What is an Articulation Agreement?

Articulation Agreements (also called transfer agreements or transfer pathways) document a pathway between two or more colleges or universities and their academic programs. The Articulation Agreement is an official guarantee that classes completed at one school will be accepted when a student transfers to another school. 小猪视频 has over 300 Articulation Agreements with accredited colleges and universities throughout the world.

Students transferring to 小猪视频under an Articulation Agreement should review聽, information about聽Articulation Agreements聽and should聽connect with a 小猪视频Recruiter聽to discuss their application.

小猪视频provides a that 小猪视频 has with institutions across Canada and the globe.聽This table is to be used for planning and informational purposes only, and is best accessed on desktop.

Note: 小猪视频endeavours to ensure the completeness and accuracy of this information, however, the University reserves the right to change any of the information at any time without notice. Please contact transfer_credits@cbu.ca聽for more information on Articulation Agreements.