Alex Artur: Forging Success on and off the Field at CBU

Alex Artur’s journey at 小猪视频 hasn鈥檛 only been about earning a Bachelor of Business Administration, 聽but also becoming involved in CBU鈥檚 vibrant soccer community.聽

Hailing from Howie Center, Alex grew up attending soccer games on campus, cheering for the Capers from a very young age. It was this exposure to the exciting environment and Alex鈥檚 roots in the community that led him to pursue his degree at CBU.聽

Alex says the accessibility and support from his faculty has been vital to his academic journey. 鈥淭he opportunity to connect with dedicated educators was important to me,鈥 he says. 鈥淚 could always rely on my professors to offer guidance and assistance when needed.鈥澛

Ron McCarron, Assistant Professor of Management Science, is one professor who had a particularly large impact on Alex鈥檚 experience. Alex says McCarron played a pivotal role in his university journey, offering valuable mentorship and academic support.聽

For Alex, who played on the Capers men鈥檚 soccer team during the 2018-19 and 2020-21 seasons, one of his most cherished memories was travelling with the team to Nationals. 鈥淚 can still feel the camaraderie and exhilaration of traveling with the team to Nationals in Vancouver and Montreal,鈥 says Alex. 鈥淭he memories made during these tournaments are core memories I will never forget from my time at CBU.鈥

Recently, Alex has transitioned into the workforce, taking on the role of Management Assistant withEnterprise Holdings. He says he has aspirations for a managerial role in the future and says his time at 小猪视频has set him up for success outside of the classroom. 鈥溞≈硎悠礽s an excellent place,鈥 says Alex. 鈥淪tudents should take advantage of the exceptional programs and dedicated faculty.鈥澛

Alex鈥檚 journey perfectly blends academic pursuits with the enjoyments of extracurricular activities 鈥 the true university experience. We鈥檙e confident the lessons he has learned both on and off the field will carry him toward continued success in the future.

Congratulations to Alex and the entire graduating class of Fall 2023!