AUS Rookie, Leah Disipio, Ready to Take on StFX this Sunday for Gold

The Capers Men鈥檚 and Women鈥檚 soccer teams will both battle for another AUS title at Sunday鈥檚 Championship games of the 2023 AUS Soccer Championships, Presented by Bell. Rookie Winger, Leah Disipio, joined the Capers this year from Ottawa and says it has been so exciting to play in her first AUS championship. 鈥淗aving home advantage and playing in front of a home crowd makes for such a fun and exciting game,鈥 says Leah. 鈥淲e鈥檝e been working hard all season for this moment and we can鈥檛 wait to pour it all out on the pitch Sunday.鈥澛犅

Leah says it was the Capers鈥 competitive nature as well as their success on the field and in the classroom that brought her to the team. 鈥淚 knew coming to 小猪视频was the right choice for me when I came for my recruiting visit and felt immediately welcomed by the coaching staff and team,鈥 says Leah. 鈥淭he girls鈥 attitudes on and off the field were really admirable and I knew being in this environment would allow me to reach my full potential.鈥澛

Since arriving in Cape Breton, Leah has been adjusting to life away from home and says the team culture has helped her feel supported while settling in. 鈥淲hat makes the Capers different from other schools is how much we value team culture and support one another,鈥 says Leah. 鈥淗aving that attitude allows us to trust each other and positively impacts the chemistry on the field.鈥澛

For Leah, the highlight of her season thus far has been scoring a hat trick against Dalhousie while on the road. She had been working hard to get her first goal of the season and says her teammates kept telling her it would come soon. 鈥淲hen it finally did, it was a very memorable moment for me,鈥 she says.聽

With a big championship game on the horizon, Leah is ready to take on StFX in front of a supportive home crowd. 鈥淚 hope the fans are as excited as we are for Sunday,鈥 she says. 鈥淲e can鈥檛 wait to see everyone there!鈥

AUS Championship games will take place at 1:00pm (Women鈥檚) and 4:00pm (Men鈥檚) with both teams taking on StFX. For more information, visit