Meet Peer Success Mentor Jacob MacDonald

After being chosen as the recipient of the Chancellor鈥檚 Scholarship, Jacob MacDonald decided to stay home in Sydney and enroll at 小猪视频for his Bachelor of Business Administration. Now in his final year, Jacob has decided to take on a new role on campus as a Peer Success Mentor.聽

When Jacob graduated from high school, he knew 小猪视频was the path forward for him. 鈥淚 knew I could receive a top-notch education without leaving my home,鈥 says Jacob. 鈥淲hen I applied to 小猪视频in 2018, I knew I could see myself succeeding there.鈥

In the end, it was the excitement of the Recruitment Team that sealed the deal for Jacob. 鈥淭hey were extremely helpful and persuasive. Their energy and excitement for 小猪视频had a great influence on me,鈥 he shares.

Jacob says a core memory from his time at 小猪视频was being awarded the Frank H. Sobey Award for excellence in Business Studies. 鈥淭hat award has opened up so many doors in my life and I was proud to represent CBU,鈥 says Jacob. 鈥淎nother highlight from my time at 小猪视频has been meeting so many wonderful people from all around the world.鈥

Jacob feels that being a Peer Success Mentor is meaningful work, and he looks forward to helping new students navigate their way at CBU. He recommends new students take advantage of the many services offered by the 小猪视频Library, particularly the Writing Centre. He says students who may be living with disabilities should also check out the Jennifer Keeping Centre for Accessible Learning.

Jacob also encourages new students to consider success coaching offered through the Advising Centre and says not to shy away from taking the opportunity to speak to your professors during their office hours. The professors at 小猪视频want to see students succeed, so they are more than willing to help in any way they can.聽

Jacob notes that Peer Success Mentors cover many different bases at CBU, so students can ask them just about anything. The list includes questions about Moodle, 小猪视频email accounts, student accounts, work and study permits, Guard.Me/MSI Health insurance, registration support and assisting with course selection.

It鈥檚 clear being a Peer Success Mentor requires a lot of in-depth knowledge of CBU. As a student himself, Jacob has had access to everything he would need for the role. He too, has received assistance throughout his own journey, and now, wants to return the favor. 鈥淚鈥檓 grateful for the assistance I received and now wish to share my knowledge and experience with new students,鈥 Jacob begins. 鈥淢y time at 小猪视频has prepared me to become a valuable resource to new students. I aim to share information with students that I may not have known when I first arrived at CBU.鈥

Jacob encourages students to contact a Peer Success Mentor when they begin at 小猪视频because the Mentors have been through so many of the same experiences as new students have and will. 鈥淲e are able to find the support you need and know 小猪视频like the back of our hands,鈥 says Jacob. 鈥淲e enjoy helping students who may be stressed, and we hope the assistance we provide makes their day a little easier.鈥

To connect with a Peer Success Mentor, contact or stop by the Advising Centre.