Scholarship Success: Robyn Shibinette

Bachelor of Science, Nursing student Robyn Shibinette isn鈥檛 afraid to admit it –聽 when she received her scholarship to CBU, she cried. 鈥淎fter going through the interview process and being so nervous and excited it was such a special moment to receive that letter in the mail,鈥 says Robyn. 鈥淚 was offered the Chancellor鈥檚 Scholarship and it has been amazing how much of a difference it has made.鈥澛

Currently, in her final year of the accelerated program, Robyn says receiving a scholarship to 小猪视频has allowed her to take full advantage of the numerous opportunities offered throughout her degree. Robyn was able to quit her job at the mall and take on a research major while working as a Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) at the . 鈥淭o be able to do something that actually exposes me to my field and provides real experience is invaluable,鈥 she says.

In just a few weeks, Robyn will be heading to Peru to take part in the International Nursing Experience, something she says wouldn鈥檛 have been possible without the generous support from 小猪视频donors. 鈥淚 definitely would not have been able to save up for this trip if I had to rely solely on my former part-time job,鈥 says Robyn. 鈥淚t will be such a great learning experience to work with vulnerable populations in another country and bring that important knowledge back to our community.鈥 As an added benefit, Robyn says the rewarding experience of volunteering internationally will also set her apart from other Nursing graduates.聽

For Robyn, the hands-on learning opportunities offered to 小猪视频Nursing students have been the highlight of her time as a student. Robyn has built confidence by interacting with residents and networking with other nurses. 鈥淚 can already see such a big difference from when I started at my first clinical, to where I am today,鈥 says Robyn. 鈥淚鈥檓 no longer nervous when I walk into a room. I鈥檓 just ready to put my skills to work.鈥

With just two semesters remaining, Robyn says she has a few lingering nerves, but feels excited and equipped to take on her role as a Registered Nurse. Her message to incoming Nursing students is not to let others dictate your student experience. 鈥淪ome people will tell you that you shouldn鈥檛 work during your degree, or that you have to study using this technique or that technique,鈥 she explains. 鈥淏ut you really have to personalize your experience. Everyone is different and this is your journey. Do your own thing.鈥

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