Research Support Fund

小猪视频 is a recipient of support from the Government of Canada through聽the Research聽Support Fund听(搁厂贵).听The program assists Canadian post-secondary institutions with the costs associated with managing their research enterprise,听helping universities and colleges to maintain a world-class research聽environment. Funded by the three federal research granting agencies (,听, and聽),听RSF is essential to CBU鈥檚 research work,听providing聽funds to support 迟丑别听indirect costs of research.听

The term 鈥i苍诲颈谤别肠迟听costs听辞蹿听research鈥 refers to the cost institutions incur to allow scholarly research activities to take place. These might include central and departmental administrative costs which are not attributable to specific research projects, costs associated with maintaining and upgrading labs, offices, libraries, and other facilities, or costs incurred while meeting regulatory requirements and research compliance.聽Examples of expenses incurred by 小猪视频 in managing the funded 谤别蝉别补谤肠丑听are: maintenance, repairs and utilities costs associated with research facilities; library periodicals, electronic resources and access copyright听蹿别别蝉; research office staff and聽谤别蝉别补谤肠丑听finance salaries; legal, intellectual property聽蝉别谤惫颈肠别听fees; and commercialization and industry partnership support costs.听聽

More information on the Research Support Fund program can be found on the RSF website:

Research Support聽is聽divided into five expenditure categories:

CBU鈥檚 Research Support Fund allocation is calculated based on the amount of Tri-agency funding awarded in the three most recent years for which data are available. CBU鈥檚 allocation of research support funds for聽迟丑别听2021-2022聽fiscal year under each of the five聽expenditure categories as follows:

Research Facilities $70,163 15.06%
Research Resources $61,000 13.09%
Management and Administration $255,377 54.81%
Regulatory Requirements and Accreditation $40,958 8.79%
Intellectual Property $38,398 8.24%
Total $465,896 100%