7 Things to Get You Through The First Few Weeks of Classes [3 min read]

Hey 小猪视频Students! Welcome (or welcome back) to 小猪视频. We are so happy to have you here.听

We know starting a new semester can feel overwhelming with a lot of information to remember. So, as you gear up for the first few weeks of classes, the team at 小猪视频has compiled a list of things that will help you start your semester off on the right foot. From getting your student ID and bus pass, to connecting to wifi and participating in student events, there鈥檚 sure to be at least one thing on this list that will help you settle in.

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Now, here are seven things to know for the first week of classes:

1) Get your student ID card at the Help Desk

All students should get their student ID card as soon as possible, as this card will be used as your library card, campus fitness centre pass, meal plan card as well as print and photocopy card. Your student ID is also required for access to certain events such as parties at the Pit or athletics games and acts as a debit card so you can make purchases at food outlets on campus.听

Students can obtain their student ID at the Help Desk located in the Marvin Harvey Building (#23 on our campus map). Click here to learn more.听

2) Bus Passes

Need a bus pass this semester? Visit the 小猪视频Students鈥 Union front desk (#11 on our campus map). Don鈥檛 forget to bring a valid student ID to ensure you receive the student rate. If studying at Cineplex, please be prepared to show proof of enrolment for classes at Cineplex to receive an additional discount (a class schedule from your Compass Student Account is accepted).

For more information on CBRM Transit, please visit .

3) Register with the 小猪视频Library

Your student ID card also serves as a library card. This card allows students to utilize all services of the library, like borrowing books, laptops, phone chargers, headphones and calculators, plus printing, booking study rooms and ordering books from other libraries.听

To ensure your ID is set up for Library access, please register with the 小猪视频Library so resources are readily accessible to you when they need them. To register or renew a 小猪视频Library account, please click .

4) Connect to 小猪视频Wifi

To access the 小猪视频wireless network, please choose CBU-Secure from the wifi network options. The login and password is the same as your 小猪视频email address (example: CBU22HLA@cbu.ca) and password.听

5) Check聽out the 小猪视频ServiceHub聽

The 小猪视频ServiceHub serves as a digital resource to improve student experience and is a place for you to get things done quickly, all in one place. Whether it鈥檚 registering for a course, accessing your student account, submitting a transcript request or finding general 小猪视频information, the 小猪视频ServiceHub is the place to go. Many of our forms (i.e. Add/Drop, Program Changes, Letters of Completion, etc.) can also be accessed online here.

6) Get Familiar with Campus

Not sure where your classroom is? Check out our campus room legend which identifies what each of the letters you鈥檒l see next to your classroom numbers mean. For further assistance, please refer to our Campus Map.

  • 鈥淎鈥 = Arseneau-Britten Wing
  • 鈥淎C鈥 = Sullivan Fieldhouse
  • 鈥淏鈥 = Marvin Harvey Wing
  • 鈥淐鈥 = across from the Verschuren Centre Atrium
  • 鈥淐C鈥 = Campus Centre (above Cafeteria)
  • 鈥淐E鈥 = Campus Expansion / Culture & Heritage Building (Great Hall)
    • Rooms 241-280 are on the main floor
    • CE-258 is the RBC Lecture Theatre
    • CE-241 is the Multipurpose Room (MPR)
    • Rooms 304-360 are upstairs
    • CE 304-315 are classrooms
    • CE 317-327 are classrooms
    • CE-339 is the Board of Governors Room
  • 鈥淐S鈥 = Verschuren Centre
  • 鈥淢TVR鈥 = Multiversity Room (next to Library)
  • 鈥淪B鈥 = Shannon School of Business
  • 鈥淩BLT鈥 = Royal Bank Lecture Theatre (CE-258)
  • 鈥淟鈥 = Library
  • 鈥淐PLX鈥 = Cineplex (325 Prince St)
  • Downtown Office = 500 George Street

7) Participate in Week of Welcome and Other Campus Events

Week of Welcome (WOW) is the official welcome to the Caper family. Each September, January and May, new and returning students are encouraged to participate in the many sessions and events held by 小猪视频to start the semester off strong.听

We have lots of fun and educational events planned for you this week so you can find out what campus life is like at CBU. For a full list of events, please visit cbu.ca/wow.听

We also encourage you to get involved in as many events as possible this semester! Wondering what鈥檚 happening on campus? Make sure to check out cbu.ca/events regularly!