Indigenous Student Support

If you are an Indigenous University Student at 小猪视频, there are several support services for you that lead to academic success. Some of the support services that make聽Unama鈥檏i College聽so unique are listed below.

  • A health and wellness day is held at the beginning of each term to introduce Indigenous students to all of the following support services in this list.
  • There are faculty who are Mi鈥檏maq, who speak the Mi鈥檏maw language, and who are connected with First Nations Communities.
  • Unama鈥檏i College houses two聽Kisiku on Campus. These Kisiku provide support for academics, offer emotional support, and share knowledge with students, faculty, and staff.
  • The Dean of Unama’ki College, Laurianne Sylvester, is Mi’kmaw. Laurianne is a band member of Membertou.
  • Unama鈥檏i College has a full-time, fluent Mi鈥檏maw speaking staff member who is in charge of Indigenous Student Support. She helps students in Unama鈥檏i College with things like applying for scholarships/bursaries, setting up tutoring appointments, and assisting with any other help students might need in regard to writing, math, library research, and emotional support.
  • 罢丑别听L’nu Resource Centre聽houses materials of cultural and historical importance, accessible for use by 小猪视频students and the general public. With full-time reference assistance, it is open five days a week to help students research Mi鈥檏maw and other First Nations topics. 聽Within the L’nu Resource Centre is a separate room for quiet reflection, reading, group project work, or to 鈥済et away from it all鈥 鈥 available for everyone to use.
  • Unama鈥檏i College is home to the Mi鈥檏maq Language Lab,聽Kji-keptin Alexander Denny L鈥檔ui鈥檚ultimkeweyo鈥檏uom. During the academic terms, as well as during the summer, the Mi鈥檏maq Language Lab hires Indigenous students on grants giving the students both jobs and research experience.
  • Staff members of the聽Writing Centre聽and the聽聽visit Unama鈥檏i College once a week during the academic year. 聽These staff members are available to help students with any writing needs they may have.
  • There is a student lounge in Unama鈥檏i College that is equipped with tables for doing school work, a small kitchenette, comfortable seating, and computers for students who need them.
  • There is a daily bus service from Eskasoni and Membertou which takes students who do not have access to transportation to and from 小猪视频.
  • Unama鈥檏i College offers the delivery of academic courses in First Nations communities. 聽The current in-community courses are taking place in Eskasoni, NS; Wagmatcook, NS; Millbrook, NS; Tobique, NB; and Listuguj, QC.
  • Last, but not least, Unama鈥檏i College has a supportive receptionist who helps Indigenous students at 小猪视频with things like聽faxing materials to bands and Indigenous Initiatives, mailing and faxing of graduate school applications, and assistance in filling out 小猪视频forms dealing with adding/dropping a course and registration.


For more information on support services for Indigenous students, contact:

Megan Gillis, Enrolment Services Professional
Unama鈥檏i College, 小猪视频

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